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Romantic Honeymoon in Bermuda

by Judy Faust last updated on 03/30/2009 Disclaimer

You could not find a more romantic spot for a honeymoon than Bermuda. I’ve visited the island close to ten times for both business and pleasure. The people are fabulous, the beaches are unbelievable and the sunsets are remarkable. This beautiful island is easy to get to from the east coast by air or cruise ship.

The type of properties vary from small, intimate and quiet to the larger ones that offer a full array of activities including spa facilities, tennis, golf and water sports. Cambridge Beaches, Glencoe, Fourways Inn, Pompano Beach, The Reefs, Elbow Beach, both Fairmont Princess hotels, Ariel Sands, Grotto Bay, Harmony Club are just a few of my favorites.

Bermuda is a popular destination for cruise ships. Because of Bermuda's close proximity to the east coast of the USA, most cruise ship itineraries dock for a couple of nights in Bermuda. Using the ship as a floating hotel, passengers experience the luxury of having time to enjoy the island and its incredible offerings.

Working for a travel agency for many years that specialized in Bermuda, I feel uniquely qualified to find the perfect way to make your honeymoon dreams come true.

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