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U.S. Virgin Islands

Snorkeling in the USVI

U.S. Virgin Islands

The idea of a honeymoon with pristine beaches, world-class diving, sailing, shopping, hiking, local artwork and nightlife is what attracts newlyweds to the U.S. Virgin Islands. St. Thomas, St. John, and the larger St. Croix make up this Caribbean paradise. Each island is unique and has its own beauty. St. Croix has interesting architecture and rain forests. St. John is the smallest and is almost entirely covered by a national park. St. Thomas has one of the finest beaches in the Caribbean and all the activities to go with it.

There are many reasons to choose the U.S. Virgin Islands as your honeymoon destination but one of the biggest reasons, especially for honeymoon couples who don't travel out of the country, is that one doesn't need a passport. Of course, a U.S. Virgin Islands honeymoon is just the catalyst to unleash the wanderlust in everyone...and a passport will be on the top of your priority list.

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The unique culture and history of the USVI reflect the West African, Danish, Spanish, Irish, Polish, and German heritage of those who have made the U.S. Virgin Islands their home since the late 1400s. The rhythms and lyrics of Virgin Island music—including calypso, cariso, soca, reggae, and steel pan melodies—are colorful reminders of its past.

There are dozens of cultural events that take place each year such as: The Three Kings' Day festival on St. Croix, St. John's Fourth of July celebration, and St. Thomas' annual Carnival.

What more could you want on an island paradise than rain forests, beaches, exotic sea life and a national park? If this sounds good, then you can find your honeymoon destination in the USVI.
The USVI are some of the best equipped islands in the Caribbean, they offer you many options. You can play a round of golf or a few sets of tennis, scuba dive, shop, snorkel, go horseback riding, and then relax on the perfect white sand beaches.
Climate and Weather
The weather is not only beautiful but also very consistent. Average temperatures are in the 80ºsF during the day and 70ºsF at night. It is a little cooler December-February and the rainy and hurricane season is June-November.

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