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Rawai Beach on Phuket Island, Thailand


Dubbed the 'Pearl of the South' by the tourist industry, Phuket is Thailand's largest island and lies in the Andaman Sea off the country's south-western coast. You won't forget the sheer limestone cliffs, the Phi Phi islands, or Phang Nga Bay (where the James Bond classic The Man with the Golden Gun was shot). Activities for honeymoon couples abound if you're into sailing, scuba diving, snuba, snorkeling, free diving, or just soaking up the sun. Sight seekers have opportunities to see the largest waterfall in Thailand, visit the Chalong Temple, go fishing or visit a crocodile farm. Eating is always an adventure in Thailand as Thai food is some of the best in the world, but Phuket is surprisingly cosmopolitan due to the number of foreigners that have set up shop to cater to fellow travelers.

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The island is connected to the Thai mainland by a bridge, but has retained a distinct culture fused from Chinese and Portuguese influences combining with the culture of the chao naam, the indigenous sea-faring people.
Phuket is the natural base for exploring the Andaman Sea. The Andaman Sea, separated from the Bay of Bengal by the Andaman-Nicobar Ridge, is part of the Indian Ocean. On the island of Phuket and on the adjacent mainland, tropical rainforests of various types provide excellent opportunities for trekking. The fringing coral reefs of the area include some of the best in the world, and sport diving has become a major Phuket-based recreational industry.
Eco-tours, fishing, diving, snorkeling, sea canoeing, boat excursions, and 4WD driving are some of the many activities to enjoy on your honeymoon.
Climate and Weather
Phuket has a tropical monsoon climate. It's warm all year round, but the two periods of April-May and September-October are the hottest. The September-October period is also the wettest.

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Destination Wedding Information
Fee: None | Residency Requirement: None | Necessary Documents: Passports; proof of divorce and/or death certificate for former spouses/s (if applicable); "Letters of Certification" from the embassy of those getting married, translated and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs