New York City

Statue of Liberty

New York City

The city that never sleeps - - - those who’ve been there know it’s true. New York City offers visitors loads of things to do from dawn until dusk. Catch a bite to eat at one of the numerous diners in the wee hours of the morning, then shop ‘til you drop in the different worlds of Times Square, the Garment District, Greenwich Village, Soho, East Village, etc. Enjoy some world class people watching from one of the countless coffee shops. Take a skyline cruise around Manhattan. Choose from countless bike and walking tours to learn more about New York’s history or movie culture. Take the ferry over to Staten Island and see the Statue of Liberty up close. Catch an amazing sunset from the Top of the Rock observation deck. Don’t forget to catch a Broadway show! Then enjoy a relaxing evening with great drinks and apps or dance until you’re ready to try out another great New York Diner at sunrise. This pulsating city will definitely add some excitement to any honeymoon.

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