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Eastern Europe is very different from its western counterpart, and the region is a fascinating and very scenic honeymoon destination. Whether you choose an island such as Crete or Cyprus, or the historic romantic cities of Prague (Czech Republic) or Budapest (Hungary), there is an enormous amount to see and do. The landscapes of these countries are extremely varied. Greece, Crete, Cyprus and Croatia all have lovely coastlines with golden beaches and blue seas. The latter three are also home to stunning mountain ranges. For a different experience, you may choose to visit the great lakes of Poland – perhaps by bicycle – or explore the vineyards and citrus orchards of Crete. For sites which bear witness to ancient times, head to Cyprus, Crete or Greece. Greece in particular has an unrivaled early civilization which can be discovered through carefully preserved relics, such as the stunning acropolis which stands over Athens. There are many dramatic cities in Eastern Europe, including Warsaw, Kraków, Athens and Dubrovnik. Each has museums, churches, art galleries, shops, markets, restaurants and cafes, ensuring that you will never be short of things to do on your honeymoon. For a slower pace, head to one of the many medieval towns in Poland or the mountain villages at the foot of the White Mountains in Crete. Just off the coast of both Croatia and Greece are collections of islands. The Greek isles are particularly stunning, dotted with dazzling white buildings that contrast with the deep blue sea. Here, life is sun-drenched and laid back, and it's a perfect place to discover delicious Greek cuisine. However you choose to experience Eastern Europe on your honeymoon, your visit to this historic and highly diverse part of the world is sure to be unforgettable.

Of course, Western Europe includes such fabled romantic honeymoon destinations as Paris (France), Venice (Italy), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Berlin (Germany), Rome (Italy), Bruges (Belgium), Barcelona (Spain), and Copenhagen (Denmark). Nightlife, culture, architecture, diversions and a varied landscape are all wrapped up in a package steeped in history giving the honeymoon couple the trip of a lifetime.

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From the mountains of Switzerland to the beaches of Spain, a honeymoon in Western Europe will offer you a chance to experience fascinating architecture, museums and galleries, exciting cities, tranquil villages, stunning landscapes - Western Europe is simply crammed with history and culture. Each country has a distinct identity and pride in their national heritage. This is something that can be discovered through visits to the many world class museums that feature in every major city, or simply through strolling through the streets, which will showcase architecture from a variety of eras. Rome has countless Renaissance palaces and churches whilst Geneva in Switzerland boasts a beautiful Gothic and Romanesque town center. Bruges, in Belgium, is virtually a living museum - it is the best preserved Medieval city in Europe. Certain Western European cities have been synonymous with romance for centuries - the magic of a gondola ride through Venice or the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris is unforgettable. Equally romantic are the wild islands off the coast of Scotland and the verdant hills of the Irish countryside. The French, Italian, Swiss and Austrian Alps are a collection of stunning snowcapped peaks which offer excellent skiing and hiking. They provide a breathtaking backdrop for some lovely villages which often feature traditional painted houses. An amazing variety of landscapes are contained within Western Europe - from the deserts of Spain to the ice caves of Austria. Spain, Portugal, Italy and the south of France all have a strong Mediterranean feel, with lavender fields, vineyards, olive groves and orange orchards all thriving in the warm climate. Don't forget the superb beaches strung along the coasts of France, Portugal and Spain in particular - ideal for those who love nothing more than sunshine and sandy bays. There is something for everyone in Western Europe - this part of the world is packed with attractions, and there is always more to discover. Romance, history, culture and, of course, welcoming people will make your honeymoon unforgettable.
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