Grand Canyon, Arizona


Arizona has become famous for sun and sand, the desert variety. However, it's landscape and activities are quite diverse. Hiking through the Grand Canyon, rafting the Colorado or golfing at Arizona’s amazing golf courses - the possibilities for year-round outdoor recreation are endless. Scenic roads run through amazing landscape and picturesque towns such as Bisbee. Honeymooners also enjoy a wide variety of dining and nightlife options in Arizona.

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Most people say there is much more than one vacation in Arizona. You can check the natural beauty at the Grand Canyon, popular resorts in Phoenix, Tucson, or Sedona. Or enjoy its rich history and culture at Tombstone or the Navajo National Monument.
Arizona's geography can nearly be divided in half. It's southern half is the Sonoran Desert, it's at low elevation and covered by rocky, sandy soil and cactus. The northern half is the Colorado Plateau and is covered with forests, colder temperatures and heavier precipitation: even snow!
Everyone should see the Grand Canyon but there are a lot of things to see in Arizona. Check out the desert, ancient ruins of Native American and Hispanic culture, and some of the most striking golf and luxury resorts in the U.S.
Climate and Weather
Hot in summer, sometimes up to 120ºF, warm in winter in the southern part of the state. Moderate in summer and cold in winter, sometimes down to 15ºF, in the northern part of the state.

Other Important Information

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Destination Wedding Information
  • Cost $50.00
  • No Waiting Period
  • Valid For 1 Year
  • Identification: Valid picture id
  • Other:15-17 need parents consent.
  • Other requirements may vary from county to county.
Arizona Reviews
Romantic honeymoon or Dream destination wedding
by Natalie Beverungen last updated on 05/19/2009
Arizona is a place you can find adventure, beauty unlike any other place, many different climates all in one state and upscale dining and nightlife. The resorts are high class in the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley area. In Sedona they range from quaint...